Willard Library is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome qualified applicants for the following full-time, part-time, and internship positions.

Part-time Custodian - (Part-time)

Posted: September 28, 2017

Willard Library is seeking a Part-time Custodian. This part time, 15 hour per week position is open until filled. The successful candidate for this position will be part of a team which maintains and preserves the oldest library Building in the State of Indiana, Willard Library.




JOB FUNCTION: Keeps the interior and exterior of the Library clean and free of such hazards as can be corrected through routine janitorial and maintenance activities.

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: 95% custodial, 5% maintenance


I. Custodial

1. Keeps the interior of the Library clean�especially the public areas on all three floors.

2. Removes trash and recycling from the building.

3. Keeps the Library's Park free of trash, debris, and tree limbs.

II. Maintenance

1. Performs basic maintenance and repairs as needed.

2. Notifies the Business Manager of all observed structural and maintenance problems which requires attention by outside laborers or contractors.

3. Empties the book drop twice daily and when otherwise required.

4. Brings shipments and/or donations of equipment, books, etc., into the Library as necessary.

III. Safety

1. Assists in maintaining safety and security in the Library and the Park.

2. Reports to the Director any unusual incidents or accidents in the Library or the Park.

3. Ensures that mechanical systems and safety equipment are fully functional

4. Utilizes universal precautions and applies proper procedures while cleaning and when using cleaning supplies and chemicals.

5. Performs other duties as required and other tasks as necessary.

EQUIPMENT: Hand Tools, Power Tools, Buffing Equipment, Dollies & Hand Trucks, Vacuum Cleaners, Ladders, Computer. Must be able to operate motor vehicle


CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: Written and Oral Communications, Knowledge and Use of Appropriate Cleaning Supplies for Various Surfaces, Extensive Capability with Basic Maintenance and Repair Work, Mechanical Skills, Independent Problem Solving Possess and Retain Valid Indiana Driver's License.

1. Physical: Able to lift 50 lbs above head with arms fully extended; lift and correctly move individual objects and boxes of up to 100 lbs by one�s self; Must be able to: stand, bend, squat, kneel, crouch, reach above head with both arms extended, lie prone on stomach or back, climb 50� vertically, balance on 11� diameter step stool; stand and climb on ladder treads and rungs, be able to work up to 120� above the ground while ascending or descending a roof, consistently read 10-point font from 24� away; ability to do any or all of the following as needed for up to 8 hours with no more than two 20 minute resting intervals and one 60 minute resting interval: sitting, standing, walking, using hand tools, using power tools, and using cleaning tools.

2. Mental: Spoken and written English language comprehension at high school level; able to consistently follow at least 3 verbal or written instructions without cues or repetition.

3. Verbal: English language delivery at high school level.

4. Written: English language delivery at high school level.

NOTE: This is a 15 hours/week position

How to Apply:
Please complete the application (by clicking Apply Now, below), provide a resume, and three professional references to the following address:


or mail to:

Willard Library
21 N. First Ave.
Evansville, IN 47710

You may also bring your resume and 3 professional references to the front desk on the main floor. If you come in person, please request at the desk a formal application to be completed and attached to your resume or complete and bring the application available by clicking Apply Now (below). No phone calls, please.

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