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From Reality to Fantasy: American Film from the 1930s

From Reality to Fantasy: American Film from the 1930s - (Adult)

Feb 26, 2014
(6:00 PM - 7:30 PM)

Discover an era of film history you never knew about as we welcome Kelley Coures and Peggy Newton to Willard Library with a digital lecture on the exploration of the pre-code era of Hollywood films from 1930-34. As they show photos and film clips of early Hollywood, they will subsequently entertain with stories of scandals that impacted the film industry and a little known study paid for by a conservative congresswoman in the early 1930’s. If you are unfamiliar with the pre-code era especially you will be surprised at how bold some filmmakers were 80 years ago! Profanity, nudity, bawdy humor, drug abuse and other adult themes are not just in today’s film culture. Come and learn about this very interesting period in the movies as a prelude to your enjoyment of the upcoming Academy Awards!

Event Location:

Second Floor
Willard Library

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