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Adult Services Library Assistant - (Part-time)

Posted: August 14, 2017

20 hr/wk position
Frequent Weekdays/ Weekends/ Evenings

Strong customer service skills necessary; public library experience preferred. Not an administrative position.

Customer service
Reference desk
Reader's advisory (recommending books)
Circulation & processing books for check out
Assisting with library programs (including evening programs)
Decorating bulletin boards & making flyers
Conducting library tours (involves public speaking)
Assisting with interlibrary loan
Shelving books (must be able to lift 25 pounds)
Clerical/ Cashier/ Book return responsibilities

Full Job Description Follows:





JOB FUNCTION: Performs circulation, reference, interlibrary loan, and technical service functions related to the operations of the Adult Services Department.



I. Circulation

1. Conducts routine circulation tasks; checking-in and out, entering patron registrations, updating patron files, updating bibliographic files, and shelving returned material.

2. Retains accurate statistics of circulation transactions.

3. Assists other staff members with complex circulation transactions.

4. Conducts troubleshooting of automated circulation system.

II. Patron Service

1. Offers assistance to patrons.

2. Assists Patrons with locating and using library resources and materials, and requesting interlibrary loan material.

3. Provides extensive reference assistance to patrons in person, by telephone, or via email

4. Retains accurate statistics of reference transactions.

III. Technical Service

1. Processes new Adult Services Department acquisitions.

2. Conducts Adult Services Department simple material mending.

IV. Clerical

1. Produces and distributes Adult Services Department publications, handouts, and fliers as directed by the Adult Services Librarian.

2. Updates the Adult Services Department portion of the Willard Library website as needed.

3. Conducts interlibrary loan material notification, shipping, and material retrieval as necessary.

4. Participates in the materials selection and de-selection process.

5. Answers the telephone in a courteous, professional manner and routes all incoming calls to the appropriate department or individual or takes and relays a message as required and/or requested.

6. Assists the Adult Services Librarian with and attends Adult Services Department’s events and programs as necessary.

7. Attends workshops, library meetings, and seminars as requested by the Adult Services Librarian.

8. Recommends supply ordering to Adult Services Librarian.

9. Performs other duties as required and other tasks as necessary.

EQUIPMENT: Computer and Peripherals, Telephone, Fax Machine, Photocopier, Scanner, Microfilm Reader/Printer, Cash Register, and Calculator.

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: Written and Oral Communications, Outstanding Knowledge of Circulation Procedures, Database Searching, Computer Skills (PC Windows- based Software in Local Area Network Environment), Dewey Decimal Filing, Good Rapport with Patron and Colleagues, Ability to Shelve Any Given Library Material, and a Strong Public Service Attitude.

1. Physical: Able to lift 25 lbs above head with arms fully extended; lift and correctly shelve 100% of Adult Services materials consistently; able to shelve materials on 0” – 90” high shelving, requiring the ability to bend, squat, reach above head, climb 2’ vertically, and balance on 11” diameter step stool; consistently read 10-point font from 24” away; ability to do any or all of the following as needed for up to 8 hours with no more than two 20 minute resting intervals and one 60 minute resting interval: sitting, standing, walking, using computer keyboard, mouse, and monitor, reading, and writing.

2. Mental: Spoken and written English language comprehension at high school level; perform basic Boolean searching; able to arrange dewey decimal numbers in ascending order and correctly alphabetize; able to consistently follow at least 3 verbal or written instructions without cues or repetition.

3. Verbal: English language delivery at high school level.

4. Written: English language delivery at high school level.

NOTE: This is a 20 hours/week position. This may normally include weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and evenings.

High School Diploma
Reliable transportation
Literary knowledge
Strong customer service skills
Ability to work flexible schedule with frequent weekends and evenings

How to Apply:
Please complete the application (by clicking Apply Now, below), provide a resume, and three professional references to the following address:


or mail to:

Willard Library
21 N. First Ave.
Evansville, IN 47710

You may also bring your resume and 3 professional references to the front desk on the main floor. If you come in person, please request at the desk a formal application to be completed and attached to your resume or complete and bring the application available by clicking Apply Now (below). No phone calls, please.

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